Whiteboard Capturing Solution for EducationBusiness

Kaptivo is the easy way to upgrade your trusted whiteboard to a digital collaboration system, and share your whiteboard live over the cloud or your secure private network via your web browser.

From small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises, thousands of companies/schools/universities use Kaptivo to bring whiteboarding into the digital collaboration ecosystem.


Attach to any whiteboardglass board

Use Kaptivo with any board up to 8′ x 5′ in your conference room, huddle room or office. Mounts in minutes, and connects to your network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

How kaptivo can help?

Kaptivo Whiteboard images are so clean, they look digitally created

Capture and share your board content in vibrant color on a clean, crisp background. Every marker stroke is enhanced to improve legibility and remove smudges. Moving people, hands, and markers are removed from the image.

Can your phone or webcam do that?

Share live with anyone, anywhere, on any device

Automatically live stream your whiteboard content around the world or across the room.

Individuals use Kaptivo’s secure browser-based web app to view the whiteboard content in higher quality than in person.

No apps, plug-ins, downloads, or complicated log-ins.

Collaborate now, review later

Focus on the discussion. Forget transcribing board notes or struggling to see low-resolution whiteboard photos.

Individual snapshots allow you to save and share only the most important images.

Multi-page PDFs enable you to review the entire session.

Works with all your current collaboration tools

Integrate whiteboard capture and content management with Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx Teams, Google Classroom and more.

Start sharing your whiteboard now!

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